Capitol_Plaza_Office_Tower_-_Frankfort,_Kentucky_-_DSC09303Capital Plaza Tower

State Office Building
Frankfort, KY

Project Description:
An Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), the project scope included a lighting retrofit for nearly 11,000 fixtures in the 28 story office building. The predominant fixture was not a standard size and required Earthwell to develop a customized solution. The other challenge was that the state agency required the project to have a Simple Payback of seven years or less. Additional energy conservation measures included lighting controls, agricultural water service, pump and VFD installations, water conservation measures and management control upgrades.


  • Custom retrofit for over 9000 2×2 lighting fixtures
  • Installed 98 Eljer 1.6 gpf water closets
  • Installed 48 Zurn 1.0 gpf urinal retrofit kits
  • Installed 98 1.0 gpm faucet aerators


  • ESPC Contract
  • 6 year Simple Payback
  • Project Cost $892,747
  • Technical Design Personnel: Phil Kruer (Designer, Lead Engineer); Kelly Arney (Project Manager); Greg Lutz (Project Supervisor)