EKU Alumni (11)Eastern Kentucky University

521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, KY 40475

Project Description:
As part of an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), Earthwell’s customized lighting design achieved maximum energy efficiency while meeting or exceeding the recommended light levels as published by the IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America). The project included retrofitting or replacing the existing lighting fixtures and the installation of occupancy sensors and dimming controls in the 72 buildings campus wide. Most of the work was completed after day time class schedules to minimize interruptions.


  • Conducted Investment Grade Audit
  • Retrofit/replace +22,000 fluorescent fixtures
  • Installed dimming controls
  • Installed occupancy sensors

Alumni ColiseumFacts:

  • ESPC Sub-contract
  • Project Cost $3,568,560
  • Estimated Annual Energy Savings $382,860
  • Technical Design Personnel: Phil Kruer (Designer, Lead Engineer); Kelly Arney (Project Manager); Greg Lutz, Michael Goode (Project Supervisors)