Energy-Rebates-and-IncentivesRebates & Incentives

Rebates, tax deductions and other incentives are available to offset the upfront costs and reduce payback on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Earthwell is an active partner in many incentive programs and will make the process of funding easy for you!  The first step is to request an energy audit/facility assessment to discover energy-saving opportunities at your facility

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Here are a few of the most popular incentive programs in our area:

LG&E/KU Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

The Commercial Rebate Program helps commercial customers earn cash rebates of up to $50,000 per facility per year for making energy-saving improvements around their facilities and to help offset the costs for upgrading certain equipment, such as lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and more.

TVA Energy Right Solutions for Business & Industry

The Energy Right Solutions for Business (ERSB) program offers commercial customers varying levels of facility energy assessments, to help them make informed energy-saving investment decisions. ERSB also offers financial assistance (rebates) for projects that help reduce power use. These incentives can help shorten project payback periods and are offered through local power distributors and the TVA’s Preferred Partners. Energy efficiency is an important part of TVA’s Vision for continuing to meet demand in the Tennessee Valley, while also working to stay flexible and keep rates low.

Energizing Indiana

Energizing Indiana’s Commercial and Industrial (C & I) Prescriptive Rebate Program is specifically designed to help facility managers and building owners achieve long-term, cost-effective energy savings.  A prescriptive rebate structure provides your business or organization with rebates based on the installation of energy efficiency equipment and system improvements.  Upgrades can include Lighting, Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), HVAC, and efficient ENERGY STAR® commercial kitchen appliances.