2058097107_3be1c39419_bHumana Headquarters & Parking Garage

500 W Main St
Louisville, KY 40202

Project Description:
Earthwell’s project scope included an investment grade audit, retrofit/ replacement of existing lighting system, and installation of occupancy sensors in private offices, breakrooms, conference rooms and lavatories. Also replaced lighting in parking garage with new fluorescent T8 fixtures. All work was performed during second shift to minimize workday interruptions.


  • Retrofit over 6000 fluorescent fixtures with electronic T8 ballast/lamps
  • Installed 1,116 occupancy sensors
  • Installed 126 vapor tight T8 fixtures in parking garage


  • Project Cost $321,052
  • Simple Payback 3.2 years
  • Technical Design Personnel: Phil Kruer (Designer, Engineer); Kelly Arney (Project Supervisor)