We are a Licensed Electrical Contractor and will develop a plan to create an efficient energy model using cutting edge technologies.
Download Earthwell Electrical Services Fact Sheet

Turnkey Lighting Retrofit & Replacement

We design and implement energy efficient lighting solutions and oversee development before, during, and after installation.
Download T12 to T8 Retrofit Fact Sheet

Energy Savings Performance Contracting – ESPC

Make the upgrades you need now, with little or no up-front capital, and pay for the improvements through the resulting energy and maintenance savings.
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Kohler Power Systems (Emergency Backup Generators)

Never worry about power outages again with a KOHLER automatic standby generator. With an Emergency BackUp Generator you can protect your critical systems and investments.
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Solar & Other Renewable Energy Applications

We design and install Solar Electric Power (Solar Photovoltaic) and Solar Water Heating Systems. Solar, a renewable resource, serves as a hedge against the impeding energy crisis that creeps a little closer every day.
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