Upholding Standards

Our projects will focus on long-term, sustainable energy-savings. Responsibility and accountability for the project’s success will rest solely with Earthwell. We will deliver the project in accordance with the following principles:

  • graphEarthwell will be fully responsible for all aspects of the project including engineering, procurement, and installation. Earthwell will measure, monitor, and verify the project’s energy savings and assume the risk that the project saves the amount of energy guaranteed.
  • Earthwell will include the maintenance of all or some portion of the new high-energy equipment over the life of the contract. In addition, we will provide warranties on materials and installation.
  • Earthwell will be responsible for ensuring that all installations comply with the guidelines of the National Electrical Code (NEC), State and Local Codes, and all governing standards.
  • The Owner will be fully involved in all aspects of design, equipment selection, and installation. Implementation plans and schedules will be developed with and approved by Owner’s staff.
  • Earthwell recognizes the importance of maintaining normal operations and will minimize any disruptions to daily operating procedures.

Energy Audit Process

The Energy Audit is designed to obtain detailed information on the existing facility and its operation. Energy Conservation Measures are chosen based on a combination of wattage savings, hours of operation, cost effectiveness, and system-wide product uniformity (to reduce inventory diversity).

Performance Guarantee

The Earthwell Performance Guarantee ensures that all the physical improvements will function properly. Earthwell will have single-source responsibility for making the new installation fully operational.

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